About Us

We are a congregation of Confessional Lutheran Christians.

We emphasize the centrality of the Means of Grace (the Word of God and the Sacraments), teaching the Gospel in all its truth and purity and administering the Sacraments according to Christ's command.

We make use of Dr. Martin Luther's Small and Large Catechisms as the sources of instruction for both young and old alike.

We follow the Historic Liturgy of the catholic (universal) Church according to the Western Rite. We guard the practice of closed communion as it is clearly taught in Holy Scripture. 





Mission: Proclaiming Christ — through Word and Sacrament

Vision: At Lamb of God Evangelical Church & Academy We

Rejoice in worship

God the Father provides us with life and salvation through His Word and Sacraments

Grow in grace

God the Son redeems us when we "study to show ourselves approved" through Christian Education

Participate in outreach

God the Holy Spirit moves ut to reach out to our neighbors and welcome them into our midst


Core Values: We are committed to...

  • The Inspiration of the Holy Scriptures
  • The truth of the Lutheran Confessions
  • The gift of the Historic Liturgy
  • The power of faithful Catechesis



History of Lamb of God 

January 2003

a group of brothers and sisters in Christ from First Lutheran Church of Papillion began to see the need for the establishment of a mission congregation to be located within one of the fastest growing communities in the state of Nebraska.  

Being led by the Holy Spirit, these brothers and sisters in Christ took their thoughts and plans to the voters of First Lutheran Church.  

March 2, 2003

unanimous approval was granted for the launch of Lamb of God Evangelical Lutheran Church and Academy along with a peacful release of all those who would be the Charter Members of the new Congregation.  

March 9, 2003

the Confessional Documents, Constitution and Bylaws of the Congregation were unanimously adopted.  

January 2003

the first Divine Service was held at Westmont Elementary School.  

March 2, 2003

Lamb of God Evangelical Lutheran Church and Academy was received as a member of the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod  

March 9, 2003

Lamb of God Evangelical Lutheran Church and Academy extended a call to Rev. Philip Houser to serve in the Office of the Holy Ministry